Guidelines In Selling Your Car:

Are you planning of selling your car get a replacement ( probably a newer version )?

Are you planning to sell your just and simply earn some cash or profit out of it?

Whatever your reason is the main goal is to be able to sell it at a reasonable price that will give you the opportunity to earn a good or decent amount of money.

 Here are simple tips and guidelines to keep in mind should you have plans of selling your used vehicle.

 1.)Make sure that it still looks presentable

As much as possible no one would be interested in buying a beat up car unless it  their last choice. Even though we are selling a used car we must make sure that it looks decent and worth buying. Look at the physical condition and have it painted and add stone chip protection film to make it last longer. Once your car gets the makeover that it deserves, then you have better chances of selling it at your desired price.

 2.)Be mindful of the little details

This is very important because most of your clients are also very particular about the condition of the car that they are about to buy. Watch out for dents, small cracks and scratches because too much  flaws will lower the value of the car. Also door handles must be smooth and rust free by applying door handle cup paint protection on the car handles to make it last longer. If you have extra budget bring the car to the auto detailing shop so that the professionals can take care of it. A full auto detailing job will take care of all the physical flaws that would only cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars to have it done. But you can earn more than what you have invested.

 3.) Set a realistic price point

Let us accept the fact that the value of a certain car is based on the following conditions: 

  • Vehicle make and model– the older the car is then the lower price. Check out the prices of the car that you are about to sell online or thru dealerships before giving your final price. 
  • Current Condition– Is the car still in running condition? Is it registered? Does it have any existing issues? Will the buyer spend more money on repairs? The answers to these questions will determine if you can sell the car at a fair price. Make sure that you get to answer them before deciding to put it in the market.